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Sustainable Tourism
We aim to establish the Forest Centre as the foremost sustainable tourism destination in Coast Province. A wide range of exciting visitor activities are available - all of which are designed to help the community of Boré develop sustainable income streams
Visitors Activities
On arrival we recommend all visitors to have a seat, cool down with a solar-cooled iced drink and take a moment to enjoy the panoramic view
Afterwards there is a wide choice of stuff to do:

Take the guided cliff-top walk - watch the edge though!

Explore the eroded pillars of the Nyari (depression) known as 'Hell's Kitchen'
Search for rare endemic wildlife in the 30 Acre Forest Reserve
Clarke's Weaver
Golden Rumped Elephant Shrew
Visit our nurseries and offset some of your travel CO2 by planting 10 trees
Or why not try the Boré Water Bucket Challenge?
The local Giriama women can carry very heavy loads effortlessly on their heads. Can you do the same?
The likely answer is no, so bring a change of clothes if you want to give it a go!
Be warned. It is definitely not as easy as it looks
Take the guided primate tour
These baboons live in small cliff hollows just below the Forest Centre and at times of drought are in strong competition with local farmers for food. Alpha males like this one can easily distinguish between a white tourist and a local farmer. He knows you haven't got a catapault and is a pretty terrifying presence close up!
Stay with a local Giriama family and learn how to cook local dishes
Learn Giriama dancing or drumming
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